Saturday, February 28, 2009

how stupid can you be?!

We have recently finished the Bush era, the man known as the dumbest president ever. Now we have entered the era of the One who will save the economy and the nation. How does he propose to do that? With a $3.6 trillion budget and a $1.75 trillion deficit for the year 2009. How stupid can you be?! That’s precisely the change we can believe in. Anyone with any sense knows this will not help. To pay for this he is going to heavily increase taxes on the wealthy, something we all knew was going to happen, and continue to give “tax cuts” (which are really just tax credits, don’t get me started) to the middle class. So instead of having John Edward’s “two Americas” we will be left with one America, an America in which everyone is poor. If you don’t know why this is, take any class in economics. I will try to explain briefly.
Taxes have a negative effect on welfare. Duh. It works two ways, though. When a tax is put in place it raises the price artificially for the consumer, but for the producer the revenue received is lower. So on one hand someone is getting less money for someone paying money. Some of that money goes toward government revenue, but a large portion of welfare is lost. This is called a deadweight loss. The bigger the tax, the bigger the deadweight loss. Also, because the tax jacks up the price it decreases consumption because less people are willing to buy it at the higher price.
The second way in which it cripples the economy is by production. Because businesses receive less revenue for the same product they lose incentive to produce. When there is no incentive to produce, production will cease because people respond to incentives. Not only that, but business will be unable to get enough revenue to continue production, and will be forced out of the market. The way to create jobs in America during a time of economic crisis is not to destroy businesses with heavy taxes. Businesses, not government, supply jobs. And so the downward spiral continues, preventing the economy from recovering and sending this nation into the abyss of poverty.
So here we are, the president of our nation whom we the people elected, extending the current recession with not only Keynesian policies, but socialist Keynesian policies. I have explained how this is bad and how it destroys the economy. If you are still not convinced, please do some research, take a class, anything to get you out of your ignorance! How stupid can you be?!
To those of you who are convinced, my main concern is simply that no one cares. We look around and see what is going on, making note that the $827 billion “stimulus” package (which won’t work. Keynes died decades ago) was signed into law, but doing nothing more than sitting back and complaining about it. How stupid can you be?! So you may ask, “What can we do?” My initial response is to take the “democratic” approach and write to your congressmen, but we say how well that worked for the bailout bill last year. Do you honestly think that anything short of a revolution will really accomplish what we need? Washington has become a place where self-proclaimed heroes sit around and determine how to spend our money. What right do they have to my money? Nothing is going to change that until we show them they don’t have that right. Thoreau was thrown into prison for refuses to pay taxes which supported slave trade. How much different is that today? They don’t have nearly enough cells to contain every citizen who feels the way I feel. The fact of the matter is we must act. We must do something to show that we are still in power. “People should not fear their government, government should fear its people.” Now is the time to strike fear into the heart of Washington, to rise up against the tyranny that is, and is to be! What we need is another Boston Tea Party, a revolution!